1.Tell us something about yourself
Am an Architect by profession and I earn to live up to my passions which are Travel & Biking

2.How did you become a motorcyclist?
When my Dad got his first Moped, he taught me to ride it along with my brothers. I started liking it and started riding more often. I tried my hands on every motorbike as I grew. In 2012, when our family bought a Royal Enfield Dessert Storm, I started taking Biking seriously. I also noticed very few women riders on motorcycles and that is when I envisioned many women motorcyclists on roads.

3.You chose your motorcycle because
My brothers and I always dreamt of buying an Enfield as kids. When we grew up and had to choose a bike for our passion, we picked up the Dessert Storm 500 cc. Later on the number of ride done increased and that is when I purchased the Classic 500cc for myself.

4.Your most memorable ride
Ride to Khardungla and Nubra valley first time in that altitude.

5.The next ride you are looking forward to is
I cannot wait to explore the newly laid cross-country road to Thailand.

6.Your next upgrade/purchase (motorcycle) would be
My love at this moment is still Royal Enfield. I am looking forward to being surprised by something new in the days to come.

7.Advice to fellow ladies/girls when they purchase a (the bike that you own)
Go for a test ride, feel the bike and decide. Do not worry about the weight of the bike compared to your height or personality. Riding a bike is all about balancing two wheels and has nothing to do with its weight. Be passionate in what you want to do and nothing would be a hindrance.

8.You wear a helmet because
I love my brains and cannot lose it on the road. Jokes apart, I always wear a helmet and insist that others too wear because safety should precede passion. To continue to ride and live up to our passions, it is very important to follow safety.

9.A message for female riders
Take the first step and come out of fear. There are many more women riders much better than me who shy away from riding citing safety issues or are worried about social stigma. Let not the opinion of others keep you back. If you think you can ride, all it takes is to take out your bike and ride. Come out ride for you never know whom you may inspire, be that inspiration rather than being inspired.

10.To you riding is (in one word)

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