1. Tell us something about yourself-
I am Kamna Dinesh, born and raised up in Pune, a yoga trainer and fitness enthusiast.

2. How did you become a motorcyclist?
I learnt how to ride at a very early age and never really owned a motorcycle. About a year or so ago I took a short ride on a friend’s Avenger, its comfort pulled out the long lost craving of riding that was almost dead with growing age.

3. You chose your motorcycle because-
Comfort and style.

4. Your most memorable ride-
Velas Beach February 2017.

5. The next ride you are looking forward to is-
Dream destination Leh Ladakh

6. Your next upgrade/purchase (motorcycle) would be-
I am good with Avenger

7. Advice to fellow ladies/girls when they purchase a (the bike that you own) –
Look for comfort and safety when choosing your motorcycle.

8. You wear a helmet because-

9. A message for female riders-
Bring out your passion for riding- its now or never

10. To you riding is-

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