Hi, I am Mrs. Manashri Bordoloi from Guwahati, Assam. I am a 43 year old mother of a 13 year old daughter, residing in the beautiful campus of IITG Guwahati campus with my husband and daughter. I am working since 2005 in the capacity of ‘Security Officer’ at this Institute. An active NCC cadet during my school and college days, winner of the President of India Gold medal in Rifle Shooting category at the All India Rifle Shooting competition in 1989 as a NCC Cadet, as well winner of double bronze medal in ‘33rd National Rifle Shooting Championship’ in 1991. I was not only an active athlete but also a medal winner at various track and field events at school and college level.

How did you become a motorcyclist? In 1993 on a trip to Hyderabad, some of my male friends asked me to ride their Hero Honda motorcycle. I told them that cannot ride as I was not carrying my license. In fact at time I did not know how to ride but then I took it as a challenge and finally in 1994 my dad taught me how to ride a motorcycle.I was the first lady to ride a geared motorcycle (Yamaha RX 100) to college (Cotton College, Guwahati).

Your most memorable ride – 2012 April, Ride to Nepal (which was my first ride across the border), an International ride without any GPS or route direction help. It was just the road signs/milestones. It was just my husband and our 9-year-old daughter on two bikes, and may be the first ever family to ride across the border, rode until midnight about 2.30 am in other’s country to avoid the harsh scorching heat during daytime.

The next ride you are looking forward to is – An international ride with my family and also to explore my India

Your next upgrade/purchase (motorcycle) would be – Brand: Being a Royal Enfield loyalist, a bigger bike perhaps

Advice to fellow ladies/girls when they purchase a (the bike that you own): keep it in stock condition and try to avoid mechanical modifications as much as possible. Choose the bike according to your physical strength and height for better handling experience.

You wear a helmet because – I wear the full-face helmet which saves my head as well my face and skin; moreover it helps me to avoid onlookers because it hides my face while riding.

A message for female riders – One must have a good road sense, do always obey traffic, and be helpful to the fellow bikers (known/unknown). Avoid over speeding, be calm and always alert. Never avoid wearing safety gears: most importantly the ‘Helmet’. Also Follow – START EARLY, REACH EARLY!! Avoid riding at night.

To you riding is (in one word): Confidence!!!

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