1. Tell us something about yourself..?
Hi I am Pallavi Raut and I work for an IT firm as Admin Head. When I am not working I am usually found listening to music, gone trekking or engaged in photography and yes out on a ride.

2. How did you become a motorcyclist…?
I have been riding a bike since my college days. Later I learnt about a lady bikers group which increased my “Passion for Riding”, and enabled me to think differently about all the dynamics of riding a motorcycle. when I say Passion for riding – “Knowing what you’re getting into and kind of enjoying the road”. Recently I joined a club named “Alliance Of Riding Knights” to further strengthen the commitment to myself of becoming a motorcyclist.

3. You chose your motorcycle because…?
I decided to choose on The Bajaj Avenger 220cc motorcycle because it is a Cruiser. A low saddle height yet a lean Cruiser which has an impressive design with comfort and of course it is low on maintenance too. The motorcycle’s handling simply blew me away. She is a beauty and I’ve honed my riding skills on her. And it is some something that I’d be happy with for years.

4. Your most memorable ride….?
My most memorable ride was to Tadoba through along with my club “Alliance of Riding Knights”. Awareness Campaign ride for “SAVE THE TIGER”. The participants rider’s bikes were wrapped in tiger prints. As we spread the message of Tiger Conservation through the cities/villages we clocked over 2900 kms. One of the highlights was that the villagers with percussion instruments (Dhol, Tasha) greeted us. All in all it was a ride to remember for a lifetime.

5. The next ride you are looking forward to is?
Yes, two major upcoming -Tree Plantation rides by the forest ministry and Bhutan next year will be my dream ride.

6. Your next upgrade/purchase (motorcycle) would be…?
One n only AVENGER Cruise – 400 CC, it is supposed to be launched in November -2017.

7. Advice to fellow ladies/girls when they purchase a (the bike that you own)
Invest in a bike that fits you well. When seated, you should easily be able to rest both feet flat on the ground without having to be on tiptoes. Handlebars and controls should be within easy reach. Choose a model that is easy for you to get on and off the centre stand. Protective gears are must for all your rides. Stay on top of maintenance; get your bike serviced regularly. Most important is – love your bike and know her.

8. You wear a helmet because…?
The helmet is the most important protective gear you can wear while riding a motorcycle. Safety – Wearing a helmet shows that I am a sensible & responsible rider. No matter what the law says, it is a projection of your attitude towards riding.

9. A message for female riders…?
Although motorcycle riding has been stereotypically seen as a male dominated activity, women riders are on the increase. So make riding your passion and pick a motorcycle that fits your riding style. Confidence plays a big role of learning to ride motorcycle safely.
Ride Hard – Ride safe

To you riding is (in one word)

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