1). Tell something about yourself?
To start off, let me introduce myself first. “Hi” to all of you reading this article. I am Samantha D’souza from “Aamchi Mumbai”, Maharashtra. I have graduated in Bachelor in Management studies and currently pursuing my Masters in Business Administration. I am also a working professional in an IT company in Mumbai. I have been in Drag racing for about 3 years now. I love the colour Pink and my favourite hobby is chilling with my Bike or giving her a wash. I am just like any other ordinary girl that you come across in your daily life but I change to extra ordinary when my riding gear comes on.

2) . How did you become a motorcyclist?
I honestly never thought I would ride. Three years ago in 2014 I went with my friends to watch a race in Lonavala, I literally fell in love with the atmosphere and adrenaline rush. Until then, I had only seen street riding, and never witnessed anything on the track, but after seeing how all the rider’s rode and the camaraderie they shared, I decided I had to do it myself. I had never come across any girl on the race track and I always heard people say that ladies will never be able to race like men. I wanted to break all stereotypes and prove everyone wrong. Than in the year 2015, I participated in the 1st night lite drag race held in Mumbai and I was the first girl from Mumbai ever to take part in a drag race. That was my 1st step to Drag racing.

3). I Chose my motorcycle because?
The “Pulsar 220” was the first bike ever rode by me. I learned on it and felt it very comfortable. Also, that i really understood very well because i spent so much time with it. I also took interest in learning the inside of the engine (crank, piston, camshaft, gearbox, etc.) and was very curious to know which part plays what role. The fairing of a Pulsar 220 has the best air cutting and that helps me in racing. Also that a pulsar 220 has good average and also there is low maintenance cost compared to other bikes. Also my bikes name is “GABRU”.

4). Which is your most memorable race?
This year on Dec 8th,9th and 10th there was a drag race held in Jakkur Aerodrome, Bangalore. There were a number of participants all over India that took part in the race. From indian bikes to super cars all were on the drag strip ready to race. I participated among 40 boys in the KTM 390 class and had a podium finish with second place clocking 13 secs flat. I also won the title of the Fastest Lady Rider on Track as well as the trophy of the Fastest timing of the event – Female. This was one hell of a race where i bagged home 3 titles and broke all stereotypes.

5). The next ride your looking forward to is?
My next ride should be in January with my Team Iqbal Motor Works (IMW 18) to Goa. I am very excited about this as riding in the night is something very adventurous to me. Of Course keeping safety in mind – Iqbal Shaikh who is the owner of our team as well as our mentor and tuner makes sure that we are always equipped with our gear on and our bikes will not fail us on the way. He is going to be leading this ride and making sure we all advantage from this ride to the fullest.

6) You next Upgrade Motorcycle will be?
I own a Honda Dio which i use to work and daily travelling at the same time i own a race built Pulsar 220 which i use for my drag races. And if i have to purchase a new bike that will be the Akula 310.

7). Advice to fellow ladies/girls when they purchase a (the bike that you own)
My advice to all the Ladies who are or will be owning bikes is that please treat your bike as a human being. Care about her and maintain her weekly or monthly. Do wash her and polish her. Make her stand out among the rest. Ride her safely and well. Even if you want to ride fast try it on open roads with no or less traffic. Always wear your gear and helmet to avoid the impact of accidents.

8). You wear a helmet because?
It completely protects my head and chances of injuries are less incase of any accidents. Also, that my helmet is my “CROWN” and it makes me feel good. I love my helmet because it is colourful and looks really good and trendy at the same time it is protection to me too.

9). A message for female riders?
Always encourage other women to start riding and ride safe. Wear your helmet and gear no matter what. Never trying speeding on highways with heavy traffic which can lead to fatal injuries. Also to all the women out there, trust me everything looks much better from the inside of a motorcycle helmet.

10). To me riding is OXYGEN.

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