1.Tell us something about yourself 
I am Utkarsha Sunil Barbhai, from Pune, Maharashtra. Professional racer, wanderer, not expert just a girl having a dream on two wheels who loves motorcycle more than anything else.

2.How did you become a motorcyclist?
Madness for bikes was from my childhood only. At the age of 12
I got on bike and rode with the help of my uncle, from there onwards my journey on two wheels begin. And I dreamt to become a Biker.The big thing for me was my mom’s support and dad’s blessings.

3.You chose your motorcycle because – To find out who truly I am, because it’s good for my soul, it makes me feel alive in competition or been for tour. It helps me to forget my problems, the bond between me and my bike is everlasting.

4.Your most memorable ride
For me every ride is memorable because it has thrill and excitement. But ride to Thoseghar (satara) As a first 140km ride it was physically challenging but mentally soul soothing.

5.The next ride you are looking forward to is 
Leh ladakh.. taking mom pillion with me I am looking forward to complete in coming year.

6.Your next upgrade/purchase (motorcycle) would be
I will go for RC 390 or Duke 390.

7.Advice to fellow ladies/girls when they purchase a (the bike that you own)
I own Pulsar 220F, as it is good for beginners and experts too..

8.You wear a helmet because
For me safety comes first, If you want to rule the road helmet is must. Helmet is crown for me. My identity.

9.A message for female riders
Why should boys only have fun.. Follow ur dreams get on motorcycle n be honest with yourself.. Stay Safe, motorcycle is one of life’s great freedom for female riders.

10. To you riding is (in one word)
Spiritual joy


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