1. Tell us something about yourself
I am Vishakha (aka Ridergirl in biking community), a 23-year-old from Mumbai. I have completed my BBA + MBA integrated course and for living I host corporate shows and live concerts, yes am an emcee! I am a drag and circuit racer who also loves to explore new & different places on my bike as I am passionate about riding too. Also I am India’s first Female Motovlogger from Mumbai.

2. How did you become a motorcyclist?
Two wheels use to excite me since my childhood and when I started riding, from my hero siren bicycle and switched to BMX coz it was more fun. Being the first child in the family I always had the opportunity to sit in front when my dad use to take me for a ride, this feeling was simply amazing!

But as I grew, I saw my colony boys riding a gear bike and then the thought, if they can Why can’t I ?
I was in the seventh standard when I learnt to ride a motorcycle – Hero Honda Passion was my 1st bike (dad’s Bike)

3. You chose your motorcycle because
Kashish (KTM duke 390) has a perfect balance of everything! Let it be power, pickup, speed, value for money, looks, control and last but not the least ABS.I just love my bike, it is simply perfect.

4. Your most memorable ride
June 2017 ride to Leh Ladakh from Mumbai on my KTM Duke 390. I waited three years to visit this place! I faced many problems but managed to complete the ride.

5. The next ride you are looking forward to is
PAN India Ride because my next dream is to leave my mark all over this country.

6. Your next upgrade/purchase (motorcycle) would be
I have not yet thought of buying a new bike as of now. Very much satisfied the KTM Duke 390. At least until next 2 years will keep this bike! But yeah I like CBR Repsol Fire blade 1000cc.

7. Advice to fellow ladies/girls when they purchase a (the bike that you own)
I would suggest starting off with a second hand 200 cc bike, ride it for a year and then upgrade.
One needs to know the bike and how to handle it and yes it takes time! Riding a bike is easy, but riding a Bike in reality is not. Every day that I ride, I add valuable lessons to my riding skill set.

8. You wear a helmet because
1stly for safety & 2ndly I love myself especially my face. It is beautiful, and I will protect until the end. Also they are cool looking add-ons for a ride.

9. A message for female riders
We need more female riders! All you women out there we are not less than anyone, so gear up, drop a gear & be yourself.

10. To you riding is (in one word) Fuel (to my Life!)

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