Nightmare turns worse:
To my utter dismay, when I reached Delhi Service Center M/S Bagga Auto on 7 Oct 2016, my bike was standing in a corner in the Service center untouched between many other KTM Dukes. When I asked the incharge Mr. Mahendar, he told me they had made indent for the parts and were waiting for the parts to arrive. I asked them, if they had investigated what was wrong and seen if they need to order any more parts, they said they could not open the clutch assembly without parts in hand. I asked them how could they get to know what parts to order without seeing what was wrong, they did not have an answer. Finally after a lot of my pleading, they finally agreed to check what was wrong. The technician there struggled for almost 3.5-4 hours but in vain to open the clutch assembly.

As I could not waste more than a day there, I continued my ride and completed riding all 29 state capitals and 5 union Territories and completed it on 20 Oct 2016, with my bike still laying at M/s Bagga Auto link Kirtinagar. My demand here was that I wanted the clutch assembly to be replaced under warranty as if had failed in less than 2 months and at just 9200 on the odometer and without any investigation, Mr. Kasim Baig’s stand was that KTM/Kawasaki will not change it under warranty and that I will have to pay for it. Meanwhile I was trying constantly to get in touch with Mr. Kasim Baig but he kept on ignoring my calls and whatsapp messages, so finally had to find out number of his higher ups and through a friend and a versys owner from Gujarat Mr. Divyesh Sejpal, finally got connected to Mr. Mihir Kashyap Head of Northern Division and he then confirmed that the clutch assembly will be changed under warranty and I would have to pay for the Accidental Damages and then get it reimbursed from my insurance company even though the accident was a result of mechanical failure.

I again had to travel to Delhi (on my own expense) to bring my bike back and finally got the bike on 18 November 2016 after about 45 days of the bike laying in the service station. I asked what the issue was and why this thing happened and the technician as well as the incharge at M/s Bagga Auto Link Kirtinagar did not reveal it to me on record but told me during their investigation, they had found an issue with one of the components and only because of that they had changed it under warranty, when I asked him for more details, he refused to. I had also asked for the investigation report to be shared with me which they refused to do. I then rode the bike from Delhi to Bangalore and meanwhile I wasn’t very
happy with the performance of the bike post the replacement of the clutch assembly.

I was following up with Mr. Mohit from M/s Bagga Auto Link to submit my bill and Payment confirmation to the New India Assurance surveyor but in vain. Finally I had to request a friend and Versys owner Mr. Ishan to collect the same from Mr. Mohit and personally hand it over to the surveyor. Finally I received the reimbursement from the insurance company on 9 Feb 2017.

The Horror continues:
Once I reached Bangalore I was quite busy with my pending works and did only a couple of Weekend Breakfast rides. Since I wasn’t very happy with the performance, I decided to get the clutch assembly opened and checked if everything was fine. So with reference of a fellow Versys owner Mr. Sandeep took the bike on 10 Dec 2016 to the KTM/Kawasaki Service Center. As the technician Mr. Manjunath was quite busy, he took test ride of the bike and told me to get the bike on 14 Dec 2016 as he was busy with other pre booked pending bikes and that I could ride the bike without any issues. As pre decided I took the bike on 14 Dec 2016 to the service center again and Mr. Manjunath checked the bike and tried to fix the issues. I however insisted the clutch assembly be checked for which he told me that they did not have stock of the packing and that they would indent it and get the same after which he could open the clutch assembly to check. He also reiterated that there was no issue with the clutch plates or assembly. During this time the odometer reading was about 12,200 (approx). Meanwhile I was using my bike only for weekend breakfast rides. Finally about 12 days later I got a call from the technician at Indiranagar Bangalore saying that the packing has arrived so on 28 Dec 2016, I took the bike to the KTM/Kawasaki Indiranagar service station. Current odometer reading on the bike is 12,700. The technician then opened the clutch assembly and told me that the clutch plates, the clutch Hub, wheel hub and a few other parts of the clutch assembly were worn out unnaturally. I asked him what the reason could be and he did not have a satisfactory explanation. I then spoke to the Incharge Mr. Anil the next day and he said the details have been given to Mr. Chandrashekhar ASM Bangalore.

I also spoke to Mr. Petse Sparkson from Popular Motors from where I had purchased the bike and he said that he would put in a word to Mr. Chandrashekar and that he could not do much as the bike wasn’t in their service station. I requested him to provide me email id of Mr. Chandrashekhar. I had to follow it up for more than once and all I ended up was getting a wrong mail id of Mr. Chandrashekhar.

I on 30 Dec 2016 spoke to Mr. Chandrashekhar regarding the issue and he said he would check and get back to me by 02 Jan 2017. I again sent him a whatsapp message on 31 Dec 2016 asking him to share his mail id for which till now I haven’t got a reply. I also tried calling Mr. Chandrashekar quite a few times but he too like his colleague Mr. Kasim Baig isn’t responding to calls or Whatsapp Messages seems more like a company protocol or training given by the company.

I do understand that machines can have problems and that is common but I am extremely unhappy with the kind of response I have got from the companies involved here M/s Bajaj Auto Ltd., M/s India Kawasaki Motors Pvt. Ltd. and their employees because none of them want to take up the issue and sort this out. The first time I had issue, I had spoken to call centers of both Bajaj Auto and Kawasaki and also sent a mail to M/s India Kawasaki Motors and received a reply from them saying it has been forwarded to concerned company M/s Bajaj Auto Ltd, but till date I haven’t heard from M/s Bajaj Auto Ltd, nor any follow up call from M/s India Kawasaki Motors Pvt. Ltd.

After investing about 8 lakhs on the bike and over a lakh on the accessories the problems I have been facing not just machine wise but also service wise and response wise is extremely poor and not expected from any reputable brand be it M/s Bajaj Auto Ltd or M/s India Kawasaki Motors.

I demanded a thorough investigation from a certified & experienced technical team, the report be shared with me, the issue solved and the bike be certified that it would not have the same issue again because I did not want to be riding a ticking bomb as I have earlier had a crash because of this problem. Was I as a customer/Owner of a bike asking for too much from the company?

I sent the first mail on 4 Jan 2017, second mail on 11 Jan 2017 and the final mail on 7 Feb 2017. I am still waiting for a response from them.

In my final mail, since I had so many horrendous instances with Kawasaki & Bajaj, I have mailed them seeking for a refund because of below points:

1) The malfunction in the bike which caused my accident in Mizoram which luckily I survived.

2) The time taken by the Authorized Service Center M/s Bagga Auto Link Kirtinagar in Delhi & their so called Trained Technician to (So called) investigate issues , source the spare parts and put the bike in so called running condition.

3) As soon as I took re delivery of the bike after about 40 odd days of it laying in M/s Bagga Auto Link, I took a test ride and told the technician that somehow the bike did not feel as before, but he said its all fixed and as good as before which wasn’t the case.

4) As soon as I reached Bangalore, I discussed this with fellow Versys riders and told them that I did not feel comfortable riding the bike, they all said that it was in my mind and that the Kawasaki guys are know for their Prompt service and Quality. I believed them and continued riding my bike trusting the supposedly best quality of product and service of Kawasaki.

5) But then the problems again started to occur with gear shifting and hardness in clutch for which I pro-activly took the bike to their authorized service center M/s Khivraj Motors in Indiranagar Bangalore. Here I asked the technician to open the clutch assembly and check the installation done by M/s Bagga Auto Link, the technician cited non availability of spares as the reason for his inability to open the clutch assembly. He did some adjustments and said that the bike would run fine and in case I still had doubts then he would call me as soon as the packing would arrive for which I need to make an order. I asked him to do the same as I did not want to ride a machine which would endanger my and life of my family as well as other road users.

6) After the packing arrived, I received a call from the technician and when I took my bike I found the same problem had recurred withing 3,000 kms of it being investigated and problem being solved by their authorized service station M/s Bagga Auto Link Kirtinagar New Delhi.

7) The bike has ever since (28 December 2016 )been laying in the Khivraj Motors Indiranagar Service Center and I have not had any updates nor a proper response from any of the involved parties Namely:
a) Mr. Petse Sparkson from Popular Motors Mekhri Circle from where I bought the bike,
b) Mr. Chandrashekhar ASM Bajaj/KTM
c) Mr. Ashwith Shetty from M/s India Kawasaki Motors
d) Mr. Majeed from Khivraj Motors where my bike is laying now for almost 40 days.
8) Also the non transparency maintained by them over sharing the issues with the bike with me.
I had purchased the bike to use the bike and enjoy riding around India but the same has now become a headache and torture thanks to the Kawasaki Quality and Service and supply of Spares. Also I would not like to endanger my life by riding a technically unsound machine.

I have also forwarded the mails to Mr. Yamashita Yutaka the MD of India Kawasaki Motors on 8 Feb 2017 expecting that at least he would respond back with promptness. Till date even that mail is laying unanswered.

I would also make a petition against companies like these who sell bikes & cars in India without making proper availability of spare parts or trained technicians for the same holding customers to ransom after investing huge amount of hard money.

This is just the beginning, I still have a long way to go before I make them pay back for the faulty machine, the shoddy job by untrained technicians, poor or absolutely zero Customer centric approach ‘Chalta Hai’ attitude of the companies involved and their thought that ‘we can get away with anything’.

I would like you all to share this with maximum people so that no other people suffer what I have gone through and also this reached the deaf ears and blind eyes of the companies involved and also those companies who are setting shop in India to sell crappy products with inferior parts as well as absolutely no service or spares networks and zero customer service.

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